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Lombardy Technology Clusters

The European Commission has identified Clusters as the instruent to accelerate innovation of the EU economy, promoting the cooperation among companies, the research community and local agencies. The overall objective is to promote the development of employment, the protection of intellectual property and the growth in the size of firms. 38% of the jobs are concentrated in these aggregations, assesses the European Cluster Observatory, hosted by the EU Cluster Portal.

The portal supports the Platform of Lisbon, assisting countries and regions to define their Smart Specialisation Strategy (S 3 - 3 RIS) and to identify priorities in terms of research and innovation.

Tecnology clusters

In Italy the Ministerial Decree 257/2012 has identified the Technology Clusters, it comes to business combinations, universities, public or private research, technological districts and other existing investors marked by strong leadership. Clusters operate in the technology areas of chemistry green, agrifood, technologies for the living environment, life sciences, technologies for smart communities, transport and mobility systems of land and ocean surface, aerospace, energy and smart factory.

Lombardy Region, through a complex procedure, involved twith he Decree n. 5981 of 5 July 2012, many subjects - approximately 3,315, of which more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and over 600 research organizations - gathered in144 aggregations. The Decree of 17 March 2239 .n 2014 subsequently approved the list of Cluster Technology of Lombardy (CTL) that can apply for recognition and access to financial facilities and the related notice, to file for recognition of Cluster Technology Lombardo (CTL) and request for support of the development and recognition.

The Cluster Technology approved by the decree are: Cluster of High Technology Agrofood Lombardy; Promoting Committee of the Aerospace District Lombardo; Lombardy Green Chemistry Association; Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster; Association Factory Intelligent Lombardy; Cluster Association Lombardo Mobility; Cluster Lombardo Life Sciences; Cluster Regional Lombardo Technologies for Smart Communities; Cluster Lombardo "Technology for Life Environments"


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